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Hey, I'm Stella!

  • I help teams customize their development processes and adapt their workflows to their unique needs.
  • I mentor students and support them in their journey to improve and code responsibly.
  • I provide training on git best practices, and I coach developers on debugging strategies so that they can learn how to deploy a bulletproof debugging methodology that works in every situation.

I am interested in psychology and self development. I am mindful about UX. I love to organize events, travel and share experiences.

I give talks and hands-on workshops about mentorship in GSoC, git methodologies, and how to get started with web development and Ruby on Rails

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GSoC Mentor

I first participated in GSoC as a mentee in 2013 for the project of OSEM (Open Source Event Manager) and that was the beginning of my journey in web development and Ruby On Rails.

I often join GSoC as a mentor and I am excited to talk about it in student communities.

MSc Applied informatics

My thesis analytics.stellarouzi.com provides analytics for Facebook pages and it shows how easy it is to get information for various time periods, all at one glance!

"If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor."

--Eleanor Roosevelt